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Current Incognito Contest

Can you guess the real identity of this suspicious character? The current Incognito is for the Rutland Free Library and their "Murder by the Book" murder mystery party on May 3, 2019.

If you think you know the actual identity of this suspicious character, register your guess!

The Pompous Producer

Register Your Guess

A Few More Details:

**There will be a total of FIVE Incognito suspects, so keep checking back here for the  latest. And yes, you can enter once in each of the five Incognitos.

**Everyone who guesses correctly wins a prize. But wait - there's more! 

**At the end of each week, we will REVEAL THE IDENTITY of the Incognito "actors." We anticipate hearing lots of "I Knew it's!" along with plenty of "I can't believe it's!!"  We will then pool all of the correct guesses and randomly draw ONE Weekly Winner who will receive a Portrait Session at Vibe Portrait Art....a $100 Value :)

**All winners will be notified via email. Prizes can be picked up at the RFL circulation desk.

**Also, don't bother approaching the  person who you think it is....all actors have been instructed to deny involvement haha!

**Lastly....don't forget to reserve your tickets to the Murder By The Book party:

RFL Calendar - Murder By The Book

RFL - Facebook Event Page

Call RFL:  802-773-1860

The Incognito Project

The Incognito Project began as an occasional contest to benefit Rutland, Vermont's beloved Paramount Theater. Now, it's open to promote your business. ​ Incognito Project - created by Vibe and sponsored by your business - creates a fantastic buzz on social media. Imagine capturing potential customers' attention with exciting imagery and a chance to guess at a concealed identity!

So my business can host an Incognito?

Absolutely! ​Here's how it works:

​ 1. Vibe photographer Chris Booth will dream up a fantastic fantasy portrait with you and then photograph a well-known person from your region. As you can see from our images so far, something a little more "out there" will have the most stopping power.

2. We will also brainstorm a great slogan to advertise your business (see examples in the images below).

3. You then post the image on your company's social media (and utilize the connectivity of your local Chamber of Commerce, etc) and watch the clicks, likes and shares add up! People remain engaged because they enjoy guessing who the subject is. Engagement is KING on social media! Poster prints for your showroom are also available.

4. People - your potential clients - will register their guess of the subject's identity in hopes of winning a prize provided by your business.

5. Lastly, a "Reveal" as well as the prize winner is posted.

INCOGNITO IS FUN and that's what keeps your potential clients engaged.

Call Chris at 802-773-8480 to discuss your ideas - What will we dream up together?

The Opera Diva

The Sleazy Lawyer - Zane Zappa, Esq.

The Boiler Woman - Fern S. Fyre

And we have the identity of our second super suspect in Murder by the Book ... Fern S. Fyre is in fact Stephanie Alice Jones! Thanks, Stephanie, for being a part of RFL's"Murder By The Book" team and   rockin' the steampunk look.

To all who made guesses, thanks for entering the contest. Winners will be notified via email.

The Guess Entry Form is now closed for this character.

The Rude Reporter - Nate "The Nose" Newsome

The Actual identity of this character is......drum roll please......Jim Sabataso! Thanks, Jim, for joining RFL's "Murder By The Book" team and for posing so awesomely. :D

The Guess Entry Form is now closed for this character. 

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